Sección: 13 symposium internacional sobre control biológico de plagas y enfermedades: agentes microbianos y entomófagos
Abstract: We have designed formulations in Phoenix dactylifera seed of Beauveria bassiana as well as Lecanicillium dimorfosporum. These formulates have shown viability and pathogenicity for at least 3 months in both soil and palm leaves. Preliminary results (in the laboratory) show that the entomopathogenic fungi are capable to infect Phoenicococcus marlatti, the red scale insect of palms. This insect is a serious pest affecting date palms in SE Spain and elsewhere. Similar results were found with root eating coleopteran Carpophilus dimidiatus. B. Bassiana was also found to endophyitically colonise date palm tissues. Our results also show that B. Bassiana inhibits the fungal palm pathogen Penicillium vermoesenii. Comprar Revista Phytoma 144 - DICIEMBRE 2002