Sección: 13 symposium internacional sobre control biológico de plagas y enfermedades: agentes microbianos y entomófagos
Abstract: The ecological characteristics of bioinsecticides based on the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis favours to extend their use in pest control. With the current trend to reduce chemical insecticides, it is foreseeable that the use of bioinsecticides based on this bacterium will increase in the coming future. Nevertheless, with the wider adoption of transgenic crops by more and more countries, the greater and faster increase in the use of the toxins of this bacterium will take place in planta. The wider adoption of the"Bt-crops" technology will pose a very strong selection pressure on the populations of phytophagous insects, and this could accelerate the evolution of resistance to B. thuringiensis toxins if appropriate measures are not taken. Comprar Revista Phytoma 144 - DICIEMBRE 2002